Kalabaka’s Museum of Hellenic Culture

The Museum of Hellenic Culture is located in the center of the city of Kalabaka, in an area of approximately 1000m2 and has an educational and cultural orientation. The Museum hosts collections of the collector Pavlos Baloyiannis about the greek education and education in general.

The aim of the museum is to preserve, study and promote greek education and the values deriving from it. The museum aspires to introduce the visitor to the greek literature and the greek culture in a simple and experiential-learning way in order to become a place of culture, education and science.

The presentation of the museum’s exhibits is completely human-centered and tailored to the needs of the modern visitor.

The thematic unites and collections are :

  1. Primary and Secondary Education
  2. Modern Greek Enlightenment
  3. Ancient Greek Writers
  4. Tales
  5. Aesop
  6. Catechetical


The museum exhibits:

  • Books taught in greek schools since the founding of the greek state (Primary School, Scholarhas, Gymnasia, Lyceum) and in the greek schools outside Greece (Constantinople, Alexandria, America, Russia, etc.).
  • Books of the Grand Masters of the Modern Greek Enlightenment (Korai, Evangelos Voulgareos, N. Doukas) and especially the Thessalian scholars (K. Kouma, Th. Pharmakidis, D. Pyrrou and others).
  • Books of Ancient Greek Writers from 1500-1830 (after the discovery of typography) published in Venice, Vienna, Paris, London, etc.
  • Aesop’s myths in publications 1600-1850. Collection of fairy tales in 19th and 20th century publications.
  • School apparel and articles, notebooks and school photos.
  • Collections of engravings, photographs and magazines about the rocks of Meteora, the monasteries and the life of the monks.

In the Old Classroom room, the visitor can use a plaque and a convixture, write with pen and ink and attend relevant educational projections.

In the Aesop Hall, the visitor can watch a narration and display of myths.

In the Meteora Hall someone can admire the magnificence of Meteora in three-dimensional photographs using old stereoscopic machines, learn the history of the monasteries and how to create the astonishing meteorite rock of the meteorites.

Educational programs are available for school groups of all classes. The presentation is active and pedagogical, and is established by the collaborators of the Museum. In addition to to the permanent collection of the museum, there are also hosted periodical exhibitions, scientific workshops, lectures and numerous other cultural events.


Chatzipetrou & M. Alexander, 42200, Kalambaka | Greece
[+30] 24320 75219

READ MORE AT : www.bookmuseum.gr

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