Unesco: «Meteora among the world’s Treasures» you shouldn’t miss

Meteora is one of the 18 Greek monuments that have been listed by UNESCO in the World cultural heritage list and every traveler should definitely visit.

UNESCO has recently updated the list of the 1.073 monuments of World cultural heritage including Meteora and its monasteries in a very high position as one of the “Treasures of the world”.

Since 1989 Meteora is enlisted in UNESCO’s “monuments of World cultural heritage” catalogue as a unique and meaningful natural piece that every traveler should visit. Meteora still fascinates visitors from all over the world regardless their religion and culture. Its unique geographic location and its position close to the city of Kalabaka in combination with its magnificent and breathtaking presence makes it an absolute masterpiece that attracts every traveler’s interest.

UNESCO has ten very specific and strict criteria in order to include a monument in their list. Each monument needs to hold at least one of these ten criteria which are summarised as “demonstrating important human values throughout a long period” and “holding a unique or excellent evidence of a cultural tradition out of a living or disappearing civilization.”
It is clearly seen that Meteora contains all these qualifications and after Mount Athos constitutes the biggest monastic complex in Greece, having a continuous operation since the appearance of the first ascetics until today.

If you haven’t scheduled to visit Meteora yet, it’s necessary to include it in your plans! If you love the unique travel experiences, I think you’ve been already late.

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