Frequently Asked Questions

Find here some useful info concerning your visit to Meteora

The opening hours change during winter and summer periods, so beware when relying on
information provided in guidebooks and general web sites. Our website keeps the timetable of the
monasteries up to date. Click here to see the exact opening hours timetable

Typically on our tours we visit 1 to 3 monasteries depending on the tour. In order to fully
enjoy what Meteora can offer and see more monasteries, we recommend at least 2 days stay in Meteora.

Appropriate clothing for everyone is required to enter the monasteries. Sleeveless  clothing and shorts over the knee for men are prohibited. For ladies skirts by the knee are also required. No pants for ladies, no shorts, no sleeveless shirt.  For ladies skirts and shawls
are available to buy at the entrance of the monasteries in case they don’t have already such clothing.

The Great Meteoron monastery has over 300 steps. Varlaam, St. Nikolaos and Rousanou and Holy Trinity monasteries have an average of 140 steps. Finally, the monastery of St. Stephen is the most accessible as it’s connected with the road with a small bridge.

There is an entrance fee of 3 euros per person. Kids up to 12 years old do not pay an entrance fee.

You will receive an email that acknowledges that we have received your order as well as a voucher
receipt for your payment (if paid by card). If you have booked a trip that includes train tickets or an
overnight stay at a local hotel, we will send you the train tickets via email approximately 2-3 days
prior to your journey. Just in case make sure to search on your spam e-mail folder before contacting
us for not receiving the email.

We accept payment by credit card ,  wired bank transfer and cash

We encourage to book as far in advance as possible to ensure that your preferred travel dates,
accommodation and activities are available.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you must change or cancel your travel plans.

• Cancellation requests must be submitted by email. The cancellation fee generally depends
on the length of notice and type of booking and refund policies of our local providers.

• For more information on our cancellation policy, please visit our Terms and Conditions


• If a scheduled activity during your stay is cancelled due to weather conditions, we will offer
alternatives at no additional cost.

• Should your activity be cancelled, you should contact your travel consultant as soon as
possible during your stay to make alternative arrangements.