Kastraki is located in the western part of Meteora, amphitheatrically built, among the towering cliffs, and is a municipal district of Kalabaka. Its history is lost in the course of time.

In the eastern part up there the old picturesque district of the village and above the spindle, small but impressive because of the form and the support position. It is mainly the base of climbers coming from different parts of the world, to admire the wonderful landscape formed by the towering rocks.

Kastraki has an important local tradition, customs, folk songs, which all have a uniqueness. It is worth visiting to walk the small streets of the village, traversing the trails, visit the cloisters and the wonderful sites of the area.

The impressive landscape with canyons, plateaus and the ghostly figures of “sacred rock” to pop up through the lush landscape and strive, as if to touch the heavens. The smell of wild oregano, mint and wild flowers floods the landscape, while the monasteries that stand imposing a height of 400 m., juggling onto the pointy rocks are symbols of absolute loyalty and devotion of man to God.

Today the village has been declared with the entire region of Meteora Monument and World Heritage by UNESCO, while it has grown into a wonderful place for recreation with camping, taverns and guest houses, offering pleasant relaxation to visitors of Meteora.