Hiking between the snowy rocks of Meteora

Christmas is here and the snow has already covered the rocks of Meteora and the paths between them. The area is known for the countless paths that almost look like they form a maze around the rocks, the same paths that the first monks used to approach the monasteries.

More and more visitors choose to explore the area by hiking around wanting to trace the steps of the first monks of Meteora. It is an alternative way of viewing this miracle of nature and especially now that the snowy vale covers everything the scenery stuns all the visitors.

The abandoned Monastery of Ypapanti that we see at the back side of Meteora during the hike is the highlight of our adventure because it is the only Monastery that is partially inside a cave which makes it look like it is floating in the middle of the rock.

Our company Meteora Thrones – Travel Center can give you the opportunity to explore Meteora and to have a lifetime experience. Since the rout that we use does not have any special difficulties it makes it safe for all ages and to assure that we provide you the best and most experienced hiking guides in the area.

While you hike the guide will share with you all the amazing history of the area and that will add to the whole experience.

All you have to do now is to book the hiking tour and see for your self !

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