An old warehouse in the city of Kalabaka of approximately 1,100 m2, was transformed into a museum of high standards that hosts three hundred species of stuffed animals and about 250 kinds of mushrooms in sculptures, in natural size and color.

Natural History Museum of Meteora & Mushroom Museum is located in Kalabaka and under the impressive rocks of Meteora, on 20 Pindou street and is a true jewel not only for Thessaly, but also for the whole country.

According to museum’s officials, animals and mushrooms are presented and grow through simulations of their natural environment, while the know-how of the process comes from both Greece and abroad.

As for the sculptures of mushrooms, they are made by hand, one by one, but in absolute similarity of color, shape and size. It includes a large collection of mushrooms, even expensive truffles, in all the phases of their development. The collection of mammals consists mainly of animals from Greece and Europe, but also from other continents. The museum also has a rich collection of endemic and migratory birds.

The aim of the museum is to promote and preserve the local natural heritage, as well as the environmental awareness of its visitors.

The museum also houses a special area of wildlife photography and modern technology, as well café overlooking Meteora. In the “Asproparis” multipurpose hall, a painting and sculpture exhibition of local artists with a theme similar to that of the museum are hosted, as well as educational workshops and various other thematic environmental actions. The museum has a gift shop for the purchase of commemorative gifts, as well as more than 30 kinds of wild mushroom products in packages.

The integrity of the collections, the naturalness of the exhibits, the excellent quality and the rarity of certain species are undoubtedly sufficient reasons for all the visitors of Meteora region to visit the museum.

Read more at the official website of the museum www.meteoramuseum.gr

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