The Mill of Elves opens the door this year again in Trikala

Christmas is coming and the Mill of Elves, the biggest concept park in Greece, will be open again during the holiday period. After seven years of success, the Mill of Elves is back having new plans, new constructions and lots of fun in order to entertain young and elder.

Since Friday December 1st until the 7th of January 2018 the Mill of Elves will be operating every day from 10:00 in the morning till 10:00 in the evening, promising to entertain all the Christmas fans.

This year´s schedule will have a variation of events and the Mill of Elves will be operating for 38 days in a row. Artistic events, interactive workshops and many other surprises are expected to seduce all the visitors and the most important, the entry to the park is free of charge.

The predictions for this year are very optimistic, and the park traffic is expected to exceed the 995.000 citizens who have visited the park last year.

Santa Claus, the Princess of the Moon, the Fairy Halloween, the tree-yard, Play Mobil’s Knights’ Castle, the Elf Knowledge Workshop, Face Painting, Climbing and Mushroom Workshops will be there this year and will transfer you to the magic Christmas world!

the mill of elves album

So, if you have not decided yet what to do this Christmas, what better than planning a dream trip to Trikala and the magic Christmas Mill of course combined with your visit to KalambakaThe luxurious minibus of Meteora thrones travel center will transport you with comfort and safety to Meteora in order to experience this holy place and admire the natural beauty!

Meteora Thrones Travel Center will give you the opportunity to visit all monasteries with the best Tour Guide at the Lowest Cost for the morning Tour (9-1pm) and the majestic Sunset (2-6 pm).

Meteora thrones in action

The area of Trikala and Kalambaka is an ideal destination for the winter season as well. Hotels, restaurants, excursions and activities are promising to make your trip unique and these holidays would be the happiest of your life!

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