National Geographic: Meteora in the world’s 8 best places to admire the stars list

National Geographic has chosen 8 top locations which are ideal for stargazing. Among them, Meteora takes the 3rd place on the list!
The new science of archaeo-astronomy studies archaeological sites in relation to the sky. Several important places in ancient times such as Stonehenge (England) or Chichen Itza (Mexico), which were also used to observe the stars are either closed for guests in the evening or due to the effect of the city lights, are no longer available for the observation of the sky.
However, there are many places that remain authentic and ideal for exploring archaeological sites above the night sky and among them, you could not miss the unique Meteora.
See the 8 historic locations:

1. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

2. Almendres Cromlech, Portugal

3. Meteora Greece

4. Sibiloi National Park, Kenya

5. Alamut Castle, Iran

6. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

7. Valley of Owens, California

8. Karahunj, Armenia

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