3 reasons why everyone should visit Meteora at least once

Are you looking for your next trip destination or you need some help to choose one? Here are the three main reasons why you should definitely visit Greece and especially to explore the place of Meteora at least once in your lifetime:
1. One of the most unique UNESCO sites.

Since 1988 Meteora is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. The extraordinary combination of the giant cliffs with the Greek Christian Orthodox Monasteries build on top of them is a must for everyone to see. Meteora is one the most spectacular places in the heart of Greece that everyone should visit. Don’t miss the chance to experience this geological phenomenon and admire the monastic communities, which are the great result of human ingenuity, faith and patience.
2. The traditional settlement of Kastraki.

The old picturesque neighborhood of the village is amphitheatrically built among the high rocks of Meteora. Kastraki is a famous starting place for the climbers who came from all around the world in order to admire the beautiful scenery that the huge rocks create. It’s worthwhile for the visitors to walk along the old streets of the village, wander throw the narrow paths among the huge rocks and also visit the cloisters and the small chapels that are located there.
3. The sunset on top of the hills.

Whether you planning to stay one day in the Meteora or more, the sunset in this place is a must see for every traveler of the world. You can join the Majestic Sunset on Meteora Rocks tour and let our experienced local guide of Meteora Thrones Travel Agency to show you around the region of the Meteora, explain everything about the myths, the legends and the history of this place that only a local knows and at the right time you will be at the ideal sunset viewpoint. You will be amazed with the colors that the sun creates against the sun. One thing is for sure, that you’re going to leave with the best travel photographs! Take the chance and leave the experience of your lifetime.

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